The World's First Digital Mixologist

Let consumers choose their own cocktail ingredients, and have the drink delivered to their door within 60 minutes of an order. That was the gauntlet thrown down to us by leading international design firm, Avro KO for the launch of their London concept bar, Liquorette. The aim would be to revolutionise London's drinking habits - instead of seeking out a bar on a Friday night, the bar can come to you.


The Challenge

Anyone can mix a cocktail, right? As it would turn out, the reason that cocktail recipes are well-established is there are many places to go wrong when choosing ingredients. With a schema of hundreds of ingredients, the challenge was to establish a data structure that would recognise exceptions, complex logic, conditionals and dependencies within the front-end application to effectively make it impossible to mix a bad drink. Working with world-class cocktail bartenders, Crucible were excited to determine this structure and – we’re not afraid to say – test its effectiveness at producing a good result.

Liquorette web app development custom cocktail

New York comes to London

The founders of the bar were exceptionally keen to bring as much of their New York City brand out in what was produced for the London audience. This meant a distinctive 1980s vibe, complete with character avatars, neon signs, and a tone of voice designed to be playful and interactive. Crucible consulted on the design, ran the UX process, and advised on imagery and content.

The Results

Liquorette has now been serving cocktails on-demand for the last year, using London as a test bed before expanding to 60 locations worldwide over the next five years. Integrating with third-party delivery provider Stuart, it serves all of central London and as far out as zones 2 and 3. We are continuing to work with Avro KO on Liquorette during its expansion and optimization.