Agora Microfinance

Agora Microfinance provides micro-loans and invests in small businesses in three developing countries, where a £20 loan can be pivotal in a business’ success. It manages a portfolio of over $240m of assets and finance worldwide and has operations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Agora Microfinance

A Full Service

We were initially commissioned to work with Agora on their three Annual Reports for 2016-17 but during consultation, the group decided that they would prefer a deeper dive into the organisation’s brand strategy, ethos, approach, logo, and website. We ended up working with them for more than a year to deliver business change across a range of services and deliverables.

The Fingerprint

The fingerprint was settled upon for the brand’s mark as it is a key link to borrowers in the developing world, many of whom do not have a signature, and so sign important documents with their fingerprint. The previous logo wasn’t responsive enough for digital contexts and so effort was taken with the new mark to ensure it was visible even at very small sizes.

Moving forwards

We are continuing to work with Agora into 2019 on their next set of Annual Reports.  The group’s new website went live in September 2018 and was very helpful in securing Agora a substantial long-term investment.