Blackfoot UK

Rebrand, Web and Print


  • DIgital Design & Web Development


  • Identity Design
  • Graphic Design


  • Content Strategy
  • Collateral Strategy
  • Analytics



  • WordPress Build
  • SEO



  • Brochure & Flyer Printing


The Client

Blackfoot is a leading cybersecurity firm working with FTSE 100 companies, ensuring that their organisations are protected against the most sophisticated digital threats worldwide. Their expert consultants work with their clients at all levels of their organisations, developing wide-ranging cybersecurity solutions.

The Brief

Blackfoot’s branding was a decade old, making it appear as though they weren’t ready for the threats of 2018 and beyond. We were tasked with updating their offering across its logo, brand, identity, website, messaging, tone of voice, and collateral.

The Identity

Creating a modular set of flat icons that can be built into sophisticated systems, the Blackfoot identity mirrors the sophistication of their all-round service. However, it can still be broken down into its constituent parts and treated individually, as happens across its website and collateral. 


Their website uses sophisticated layered graphics and detailed animations to embellish and illuminate the service they provide. Across the entire user journey we paid close attention to making the services understandable, as well as the threats they related to, so as to not alienate users who would not understand. Many of Blackfoot’s clients being executive management rather than cyber experts, this was seen as an important means to drive conversion and put Blackfoot ahead of the competition.